Who we are…..

DSC_2785We are a Christian Church, belonging to the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Our service on Sunday welcomes all as we are a reconciling congregation as we  gather together at the Lord’s Table to hear Gods Word and be strengthened by worship among God’s poeple.  Located at 134 Main Street in Terryville, we worship Sundays from 9 – 10 am, with a social hour immediately following. Our Sunday school provides a solid education for our children about God’s love.

We welcome all ages, espically children – we do not have crying rooms, our children are our future and are part of our congregation. A children’s lesson is part of the main service.  Sunday school then reflects and reinforces the lesson learned.

Our Social hour is a time to connect.  Many a friendship has been created and common interests are discovered as we share a cup of coffee and light snack.
We are an active Church, caring for local and worldwide  community through our Mission projects (see our Community Outreach). We welcome you to

worship here and to learn who we are, particpate in service, learn ChurchWhatWeArehow St Paul supports the community of faith, spreads the word of God’s love and seeks God’s will for us in our lives and ministries.
St Paul Congregation

Our Mission
Christ’s Small Congregation with a Mighty Mission
Called to Faith by the Grace of God
Nurtured in Word and Sacrament
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Bringing Christ to All



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