What to expect

DSC_9131Are you new?

We welcome you, and here is what to expect at St. Paul…

We want you to feel comfortable in our church, so that you can feel God’s presence as you listen to the music, hear His word, and meet His people.

We know that the first time at a church, there are always some questions, like

What should I wear?

What is available for my children?

What will the service be like?

Here is an overview that we hope will answer your questions:

When are services?

We have service at 9:00 AM and Sunday School & Confirmation at 10:30 AM.  In the summer, we have one service at 9:00 AM.   You can verify the times of worship by calling the church office at 860-540-0839 or checking the church calendar on our website.  Following worship service is a short social get together, in the Social Hall, where you can get a coffee or tea and snack and chat with other people from St. Paul!

Who will be there?

You will find friendly people of all ages and backgrounds.  A greeter will welcome you at the door and direct you to the worship area.  Ushers at the doors of the worship area will also greet you, and hand you a copy of the week’s announcements and a guide to the service.

 What are the services like?

The services are about an hour long. Communion is part of each service.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO RECEIVE WHATEVER THEIR BACKGROUND! We offer both individual communion cups or the common communion cup.  We have gluten free wafers on request. During Communion, the ushers guide the people to the altar, row by row. The ushers have trays of individual communion cups or a common Communion Cup is available at the altar rail.  You can take a small communion cup- if you wish to use the pouring chalice –from the stand, go to the altar rail at the front of the church where you kneel or stand, as the minister and assistants give you bread and wine or grape juice.  After you receive communion, you return to your seat by the center aisle. If you choose not to have communion, you may remain seated or come to the altar rail where you will receive a blessing.  Children are always welcome to come to the altar at any age with their parents for a blessing, or at their parents’ discretion, communion. (That means there is no minimum – or maximum! – age requirement to receive the sacrament.)

What should I wear?

We are concerned about you and what your needs are, not what you wear.  People at our church come casual or dressed up, so you’ll fit right in with whether you wear jeans or a suit or dress.

What about my kids?DSC_8616

If you have children, you’ll want to be sure that they are in a safe and fun environment.  We have child friendly areas and busy bags for your child during service.  On the third Sunday of each month during the school year, we have youth group for Middle and High School Students.

Is music part of the worship service?

Music is an important part of our worship each week.  We invite you to come and lend your talents! (Don’t worry though – some of us aren’t as talented as we think we are!)

We know there is a lot to think about when you visit a church for the first time.  We hope this has answered some of your questions and that you will feel more comfortable in joining us for church so you can see what God has to offer you!

If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to call the office at 860-540-0839

We look forward to seeing you at St. Paul!